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In this age of fast foods and packages servings, it is exceedingly difficult to relax and enjoy a classy meal, replenished with correct settings and a service few can match. Responding to proper service is an art form, and that is where Falettis’ exceeds, and always has, the lessons of over a century of serving the finest.

An elaborate setting is critical to the fine diner, for it saves him the hassle of constantly asking for the little things that make a complete meal. But a complete meal is not all service and setting. The central role of classy food, served with taste in an ambience unrivalled, is what makes the fine diner return. The mere fact that those who have once tried staying or eating at Falettis’ return to relive the experience. For the management this is reward enough.

In days gone by when twin-horse driven carriages pulled up at the entrance, the elegant doorman with his top hat received the guest and escorted him inside the main hall, from where page boys would sure the guest is always looked after. Today the staff at the door exudes the same friendly smile, a tradition of excellence that is here to stay.

In the huge rooms that remain unrivalled in the city for their comfort, the guest witnesses the same urge to make every guest feel at home. In a sense Falettis’ is a home away from home. The only difference is that at Falettis’ you are always being spoilt. Such is the pull of tradition; such is the role excellence plays in making sure Falettis’ remains among the finest hotel you will find in the historic city of Lahore.